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"Shi said the new language," there is a juvenile called Zhou Department, when young and ill-behaved, for the disaster in the village, and later prodigal son back, turn over a new leaf, for the countryside to get rid of the "three evils", famous ancient and modern.
Do not feel ashamed and shame, because the shame itself is good to the United States, but do not let your ashamed to eat.
March 2, 2015, in the T168 train, a mother said his son was on the first grade, not more than high not to buy tickets, followed by measuring height, the boy has exceeded 1.2m ticket criteria. "I am 11 years old, on the fourth grade, this is my New Year's money, you can give yourself a replacement ticket." Mother looked at his son, not the child, but his son, Speak, silently bowed his head, took out the money from his body for the son of the votes. And so the conductor turned and left, the mother said to his son: "Son, this is the mother's fault, you are doing very right, my mother for you proud, the mother will never be the case ... ..."
The boy corrected his mother's mistake, made a correct decision, and the mother for their own actions feel ashamed, his son's ticket to make up, and almost left in the son of the shadow of the soul is also erased in time. Everything is no shortcoming, everything is still perfect. Can be ashamed of their own mistakes and correct, this is a virtue.
Do you feel ashamed in the face of your mistakes? Do not be ashamed of being ashamed, but ashamed.

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